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Kaboom™ Foam-Tastic™ (Citrus Scent)

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Kaboom Foam-Tastic (Citrus Scent)

Tired of tough scrubbing? Try Kaboom Foam-Tastic, the only foaming cleaner that changes color to let you know the surface is clean. 100% TOUGH! As it sprays on blue, the OxiClean stain-fighting bubbles get to work powering through soap scum, hard water, and calcium and lime stains. When it turns white you just wipe away to reveal a deep clean and a sparkling shine with absolutely no dull residue left behind. See the clean! Kaboom Foam-Tastic will not stain surfaces and it leaves behind a citrus scent. No hard scrubbing. Kaboom!…. and the stain is GONE!

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Size: 19 oz.

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Kaboom Foam-Tastic Surface

Kaboom Foam-Tastic Surface