Why Kaboom?

At Kaboom we’ve always been passionate about providing the best possible bathroom cleaning experience.
100% TOUGH. Our products are specially formulated to provide a clean you can see. We are confident that you will appreciate the value that Kaboom products provide: great cleaners that are safe and friendly to use, and provide visible proof of performance. Kaboom!… and the stains are gone!

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100% Tough

Our dedicated team of Research & Development scientists spends a great deal of effort developing innovative products that provide state-of-the-art cleaning performance. As the individual product pages describe, we have developed powerful formulations that do the hard work so you don’t have to. All you do is apply the product, and then simply wipe, or lightly brush and flush, to finish the job. That is why we say “Kaboom … and the stains are gone!”

A Clean You Can See

From our first infomercial, we built Kaboom around making sure consumers could see that the products work. Most people consider bathroom cleaning a generally unpleasant chore, though some find it soothing (really!). No one would argue that it feels great when you know you are done and your family notices it. Our innovative color changing technology lets you know clearly that the product finished doing its job, and our demos show how well our products work even in the absence of color change. Kaboom cleaners do the hard work for you so you know that the money you paid was worth it. Kaboom… and the stains are gone!